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Resin Driveways

A new Resin Driveway from Pathwise will transform your domestic driveway, old or new.   

Our permeable resin bound driveways combine stunning looks with a fully permeable, hardwearing, SuDS compliant surface that doesn’t need planning permission*.

An eye pleasing alternative to loose gravel, concrete, and brick, our domestic resin driveways need little maintenance and once installed will reward you with many years of outstanding performance.

We offer a wide range of colour and texture options, to either complement or contrast any adjacent surfaces. This huge selection allows for the creation of a truly unique resin driveway that will be the envy of your neighbours.

The benefits of a Resin Driveway from Pathwise:

10 year guarantee
Your Pathwise domestic driveway comes with a 10 year guarantee against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change and frost damage.

No loose stone
Pathwise resin bound driveways deliver a beautifully smooth, accessible finish with no loose stone to migrate into other areas, making it foot friendly and ideal for adjoining lawn areas.

Low maintenance
A Pathwise domestic driveway only needs periodic sweeping and occasional power washing to keep it looking as good as new. The materials we use minimise weed growth and reduce puddles.

*Doesn’t require planning permission
2008 government legislation states that you do not need planning permission if the surface to be covered is less than five square metres or if the new surface is permeable.

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Resin Bound Patios

Resin Patios

Picture the scene; you’re sitting in the garden on your favourite chair (no wobbles), sun beating down onto your face, glass of wine in hand. Your neat, smooth patio warming the soles of your feet…..bliss!

For us at Pathwise, it’s all about the outdoors lifestyle. For us, there’s nothing quite like a BBQ on a balmy summer’s evening with family and friends, spending time Al Fresco. It’s so important to make the most of your precious outside space.

A Pathwise resin bound gravel patio gives a sublime, smooth surface that’s hard-wearing and super low maintenance; allowing you more time to host and less to maintain. It’s the perfect way to transform an area, keeping those pesky weeds at bay!

A resin bound gravel patio from Pathwise provides peace of mind and ease of maintenance for years to come. Incredibly hard-wearing resin bound gravel can withstand even the heaviest of garden furniture without becoming loose or cracking. Being porous and hand-finished there is no pooling or puddles as the water quickly runs away.  The surface is non-slip and it’s slip resistance can be increased according to your needs. Resin bound gravel naturally reduces weeds and with a sweep of a brush most debris is removed.  Where soil has built up over time perhaps from spillages from flower beds or pots a simple spray with a power hose will soon see peace restored. 

Benefits of a Resin Bound Patio solution

  • Quick and easy
  • Non-slip
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • High-porosity
  • Great decorative appeal
  • UV stable

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Resin Bound Pathways

Resin Pathways

Resin paths can now be seen anywhere and everywhere – and they’re without doubt one of the most popular paving materials on the market. The smooth, durable, and permeable surface, in combination with its low maintenance qualities, makes resin pathways an incredibly practical choice that is not only functional, but also offers a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

Why buy a Resin Pathway?

Resin bound pathways provide the following benefits:

  • Hardwearing – a durable, hard wearing, long lasting, low maintenance surface
  • Soft feeling – walk in style, walk with comfort.
  • Flexible – It’s perfect for shaped areas and it can even be laid in decorative patterns.
  • Easy access: Ideal for paths or ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies or bicycles.
  • Colour fast and UV stable – no colour change from UV exposure
  • Easy to maintain: Tough enough to withstand pressure washing
  • Good slip resistance
  • Resistant to weeds – the roots can’t take hold
  • Adaptable – Design work including logos, motifs and lettering can be easily incorporated.
  • Permeable: Water can flow freely through the surface, which complies with SUDS regulations.
  • Fast installation: Use your brand new resin path 1 day after it’s been laid.

We have years of valuable experience in resin based safety surfacing and decorative pathways and offer a full supply and install service. We only use our own team of skilled technicians for each installation to ensure each one of our pathways does not compromise safety.
Our pathways are installed by our experienced team of experts, guaranteeing you the the highest quality of work.
They come in a wide range of different colours, styles and textures, giving you an extensive choice of pathway that suits all different tastes.

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Pathwise specialise in the design and installation of decorative bespoke driveways & drives, decorative coloured concrete drives, pattern & patterned imprinted concrete driveways, and pressed concrete driveways in Cardiff, Newport, and south Wales. Pathwise also cover the following areas: Monmouth, Caerleon, Caerphilly , Chepstow and Caldicot, Cwmbran and Pontypool , and Bristol